Amy’s ability to captivate and engage her audience comes with such ease. Her talk was so well received that the group left with confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, and new skills. Amy has been a tremendous asset to our organizational morale and would, without a doubt, be a terrific person to collaborate with for various other occasions. Whether it be speaking, professional or organizational engagement workshops, career advising, or simply a pursuit of personal growth, I am confident that Amy would exceed all expectations.
— Taylor Moran

If you are looking for a dynamic voice in business, an inspirational speaker or a career coach who not only understands the components of professionalism but lives them in word and deed - then Amy Kloefkorn is the choice you should make. I have watched her engage collegiate level students and career professionals - she is a natural teacher and brings an A+ level business knowledge to the table.
— Tom Field, Director of the Engler Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Amy is not only full of talent and expertise in recruiting but is an exceptional developer of people. The leadership that is consistently exemplified by Amy is beyond outstanding and has lead multiple individuals, including myself, to find success in both their professional and personal worlds. Working with her comes with such ease. She is quick to learn, always willing to help others, and is a highly intelligent individual. Her ability to connect with & teach people is undoubtedly a dominant strength. Amy has a genuine care for those around her and puts great thought into the development of others. She is constantly enthusiastic and approaches any given situation– and everyone she meets– with great dedication. Amy demands high results but is always there to help achieve them and celebrate accomplishments of others. I feel great privileged to have had the opportunity to work with and be under the leadership of such a phenomenal mentor and continue to look to her in my current role.
— Alexis LaFleur/Business Development

After being mentored by Amy for two years, I found myself grow both professionally and personally. Amy has the natural ability to see talent in individuals who have yet to see it within themselves. Amy constantly challenged me to think differently and to think big, something I often struggled with. While she pushed me out of my comfort zone daily, she also displayed a unique capacity for empathy. I know that Amy is a lifetime coach.
— Caitlyn Guenther/Director of Internship Development

Amy has been my coach and mentor. Our coaching sessions give me the opportunity to reflect on my progress, both personally and professionally, as well as set both short and long-term goals, and make a plan to exceed them. As a coach, Amy makes me feel comfortable pushing myself far outside of my comfort zone. Over my time spent with her, I have realized that she has the unique ability to see strengths within people that they do not yet see in themselves. Her support and guidance, as well as immense knowledge on both general business practices and employee motivation have made my internship experience more than I ever imagined it could be, and I am far more knowledgeable, confident, and ambitious than I was before I began working with her. I know I will continue to look to Amy for support and guidance within my future career endeavors.
— Clarisse Thomsen/Associate Director

As a coach, Amy set obtainable goals and then pushed me to go beyond them. She broke every detail down for me in the beginning, coached me on each aspect at hand and then let me loose to explore my personal skills. While I explored, she coached me to think bigger and more creatively. I will forever look to Amy for guidance and as a role model.
— Kimberly Bailey/Professional Photographer